Monday, 15 May 2017

Jordyns Autumn Poem

Autumn leaves
Red, yellow & orange Red like red wine
Yellow, brighter than the sun
Orange as a pumpkin
I love Autumn
I really do!
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By Jordyn

Brendon's Autumn Poem

Autumn Poem
By Brendon

Leaves slowly drifting to the ground

Ants collecting food
To survive winter

Leaves all shapes and sizes
Warm sun reflecting on the trees

Leaves slowly getting crunched beneath
my feet
File:Autumn reflection in Kastoria lake, Greece.jpg - Wikimedia ...Fresh smell in the Autumn air

Birds tweeting in the naked trees
A leaf tornado spinning out of control

Like a fire out of control.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Emma's Autumn Poem

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Bees disappearing as the flowers close
Amazing clouds, fun to watch    

Grass as wet as a grumpy old clouds
Autumn wind swishing past my face

Animals hibernating in leaves as cripsy as apples
Getting darker faster like the wind

Getting colder, wearing beanies, standing by the heater

By Emma

Tait's Autumn Poem

Autumn is
Beautiful leaves as red as blood clutching onto the tree

Cute Tuis tweeting loudly in the tree like a piano being played be a pianist

Old, crunchy leaves getting broken down into little pieces in my hands

Leaves starting to twirl off the tree like graceful ballerinas

Smelling the beautiful, fresh, relaxing Autumn breeze

Colourful leaves old or soggy wet or strong
Flowers closing, winter is coming

Leaves as crunchy as crackers
Leaves as delicate as glass

Grass as wet as soggy damp chips
Trees as colourful as a rainbow
Red leaves, brown leaves slowly drifting down

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By Tait

Sienna's Autumn Poem

Autumn poem  
          by Sienna
Autumn leaves disintegrating in
my hands
Leaves big and small strong and weak  
Colours are red, orange and sometimes yellow!
Leaves floating down twisting
Twirling like little ballerinas on a
graceful leaves

I feel the Autumn breeze
Rushing against my legs
Feeling like a nice warm hug    

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Olivia's Autumn Poem


Fiery red leaves
Twirling down to the ground
Like graceful ballerinas dancing

Feeling the red orange yellow
Leaves crush beneath my feet

That lovely Autumn breeze
Rushing through my hair
Like the wind rushing past me
In an EXCITING  running race

Hedgehogs as spiky as prickles
Getting ready for the long Winter's  hibernation

Evergreen trees sitting there
Clueless as to why all the deciduous trees are losing all their
pretty coloured leaves

By Olivia
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Nicole's Autumn Poem


Birds tweeting
Branch to branch
Disco Trees
Shining Green,
Red, Purple ,Orange and Yellow

Squeaky shoes,
Splashing friends
In muddy puddles.

The wind whistles excitedly
Taking the lazy leaves with it
Free photo: Autumn Leaves, Colorful Leaves - Free Image on Pixabay ...Magical Autumn

By Nicole